Photo Journey of Placenta Encapsulation

A glimpse in the journey of an encapsulated placenta

1 Placenta at Birth

where it was placed and inspected by the midwife

2 placenta hearta view of the “babies side” of the placenta, with umbilical cord

3a Placenta encapsulation herbs

fresh organic ginger root, organic Serrano peppers & fresh lemongrass,

used for steaming in the Traditional Chinese Method of preparation.

3 placenta cook

    “mamas side” of the placenta, ready to steam in the aromatic preparation

4 placenta steam

all steamed up

5 placenta dehydrate

cut and dehydrated placenta & umbilical cord

7 placenta capsules 6 placenta umbilical

& after all the loving work, some capsules rich in mama’s own hormones, minerals & life-giving essence.

With every encapsulation the dried umbilical cord, and a sampling of my own homemade soaps

to learn more about the science & benefits of encapsulation visit PlacentaWise from Links


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